I am a photographer in my 20s with a love for artistic composition and an eye for beauty in all aspects of life. I find purpose in leading a life of service, helping others, capturing unique images, and leaving my clients happy and fulfilled whenever I accomplish their vision. I would describe myself as a photojournalist as I love to take photographs that tell a story. To me, every moment matters, big or small. I enjoy shooting in a documentary style of photography because I love photos that feel natural but have a cinematic look. I want every photo I take to make a visual statement or tell a story. I am inspired by emotion, human connection, intimate moments, filmy vibes, minimalism, urban cities, architecture, vintage cars, movement, storytelling, farm life, earthy tones, blue hour, travel, 1980's style, and so much more - Inspiration is in all directions!

key aspects of my life

meet my mister

This is my hubby, Ryan !

We have been together for over 5 years and have now been married for 3 ! Ryan has been such a strong supporter of mine since the very beginning. I often bring him onto my weddings as my second shooting !

We also have the sweetest pups Cinder and Stark! Both are Border Collie mixes and full of energy!


Outside of work I enjoy learning, thifting, listening to podcasts, road trips, movie nights, and coming up with creative shoots of my own. My family is one of the most important aspects of my life. I am a proud aunt KiKi to 3 beautiful nieces. A large part of my youth that impacted me largely was my mission work in Honduras. I love the people, the language, and the culture. I cannot wait to get back!


How I found photography? I like to thank my daddy. He was the happiest soul, selfless, with a mission to serve anyone in need of help. He brought joy and laughter wherever he went. When I was 20 years old we lost him unexpectedly in a motorcycle accident. After his death, I struggled with knowing my purpose in life. I had nothing to pull me from that sadness of loss. The only thing I knew to do was to turn to what made me happiest which was putting a smile on other's faces just like my daddy did! Finding photography is what brought happiness and purpose back into my life!


One thing my hubs and I love to do together is model for content days! We often travel to creative/styled photoshoots put on by photographers for photographers to come and shoot. Those photos are then often used as content for their portfolio, social media advertisement, and websites! It's been such a wonderful way for me to connect with other artists and vendors as well as feel what it's like to be in front of the camera!